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10 Reasons You Should Serve Beer at Your Event

When it comes to drinks at your event, you can really get creative. Why not tap into the trend for craft beer? Around the world, small breweries have reinvented and revived the humble ale. From big, hoppy pale ales, to craft beers with intense tropical notes, there’s a beer for everybody (and don’t forget the non-alcoholic option!).

Let’s look at the merits of beer as the beverage that will make your event a real talking point.

  1. With more than 8,000 real ales produced in the UK, attendees are sure to try something new.
  2. Serving attendees with BBQ-themed food? Nothing goes better with burgers and hotdogs than a beer.
  3. It might even help your guests live longer! From reducing the risk of heart attacks and Alzheimer’s, to hydrating the body, there are many health benefits that we predict your attendees will be interested in learning.
  4. It’s a great opportunity to form new partnerships with artisan, local companies.
  5. If you’ve hosting an event during the week, promoting it with Happy Hour beers makes it an attractive option for attendees wanting to break that midweek slump.
  6. As well as the non-alcoholic options, you also cater for event attendees who want a low alcohol option with shandy.
  7. We know you’re conscious of price, so the fact that ale is probably the cheapest alcoholic beverage available will be a big tick in the box.
  8. Ever heard of a beer float? Serve these to attendees and instantly become their new best friend!
  9. Friday = Beer Day. To TGIF properly, nothing else will do.
  10. If you’re hosting an event in October and searching for a theme, give Oktoberfest a go. It’s the biggest beer festival in the world, whose original Munich festival attracts six million visitors annually.

Have you served craft beer at a recent event? What did your attendees say? Leave it in the comments or tweet it to us!

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Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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