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Throwing a posh party

5 Tips on Throwing a Posh Party

If you’re having a posh party, everything MUST go right. But we know that’s not always the reality of even the best planned events! Here’s the Get Invited guide to hosting a stylish event and dealing with any niggling issues, the classy way.

As the host, you’re in the spotlight so make sure you’re ready for it! A posh host’s manners must be impeccable. No matter what the event throws at you – unexpected guests, stressful situations, breakages – a calm, helpful demeanour is a must! The best way to handle the unexpected is to have a back-up for everything you’ve organised. If it might happen, you’ve got to have it covered.

When it comes to hosting posh events while looking amazing, we can’t think of anyone better than HRH Kate Middleton. Is your outfit going to look good from every angle on camera? And while we’re thinking about clothes, look down at your feet – give those shoes a good polish! When was your last trip to the hairdresser? It’s always a good idea to have a spare outfit in case you need an emergency change of clothes, for whatever reason. A host who looks great gives off the vibes of someone who is in complete control.

Hosts of posh events must be classy, but that doesn’t mean guests should be scared to approach them! Let them know that you’re here to host an event that meets all their expectations… And then some! By being “real” with your guests, they’ll know that you’re happy to assist.

You’ve poured hours into setting up this event and making it perfect, so it’s fair to say you’re emotionally attached to it. But, channel your inner Victoria Beckham and stay cool, whatever happens. “Keep calm and carry on” should be your motto for the duration of the event. When guests make life complicated, when providers let you down, when your heel snaps – be cool!

Even though this is an occasion for your guests and not yourself, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labours! Ensure a meal is prepared for you too, if there’s something you like the look of in the swag bag make sure you’ve reserved one for you, and at the end of your perfectly posh event, enjoy a quick spin round the dance floor!

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Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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