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​Design Club with Deloitte Digital

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Ulster Museum
Botanic Court, Belfast, BT9 5AB
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About the Event

Children these days are taught in schools how to read, write, add and subtract numbers and ultimately, score well in exams. But are we teaching them the skills that the world will demand of them when they begin their future careers?

Design Club is an interactive workshop that seeks to teach young people Design Thinking as a life skill. What is design thinking? It’s a proven mindset that businesses around the world are embracing to truly position themselves at the cutting-edge of their industries, whereby their people have the tools to be creative and deliver on their ideas. Design is no longer about who can draw or colour in. It’s about creative thinking, analysis, ideation and articulation, and most importantly, empathy. Empathy for the people you are designing for.

Through the lens of building a mobile App, we will teach kids these tools; such as planning, sketching, prototyping, testing and iteration. Skill that they can take through their school days and into employment, setting them apart from their peers as they innovate to succeed.

Parents are encouraged to stick around and get involved, you never know what you might learn too.

At Deloitte, we are focused on the future, now. We are working to imagine what the future of work looks like, what kind of skills we will need and how we will all be future-ready to embrace it.

This workshop is suitable for children ages 8 - 12 years

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