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The Time is Now // 4 Week Course

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Blick Studios
Malone Road, Belfast, bt96ry

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About the Event

We are excited to announce our first 'The Time is Now ' 4 week course in collaboration with Womenfolk, Blick Studios & Creating A Space. The course will be lead by Christine James from Blick Shared Studios & Esther Mogada from Creating A Space.


This course will help you to create space in your life to work out what you want to do. To take the time to establish your values, vision and goals. To work out what is holding you back and help you find the confidence to make small tangible steps to achieve your creative dreams and ambitions no matter how big.

In Northern Ireland, there is a mentality that seemingly is ingrained in our culture of making ourselves small. Especially for women in the creative industries. There aren't many spaces made for us to flourish and grow in a way that fits our needs. Enterprise support is generally based around high growth businesses rather than value led businesses that fit our personal goals and ambitions. Perhaps you want to run a lifestyle business and be able to work anywhere in the world, maybe you need to balance business with family life, maybe you only need a part-time income, perhaps you want to pursue your passion or maybe you want to grow a sustainable value-led business that creates good quality employment opportunities within your local town or city. There are many reasons people want to work for themselves and start their own business. This course will give you space and time to help you to define your personal values and vision and goals for the future and a plan for how to get there.

We are on a life-long mission to change that here in Northern Ireland where we want to break down barriers for women and creatively find solutions to make a difference within ourselves.

This course will provide a space for women that are yearning to create deeper connections with themselves, to come together in a supportive environment and take the time to understand what they really want to do and the first steps to take to make this happen.


This course is for creative women that want to take their dreams/ideas/concepts/current business/ideas to the next level. It is a creative approach to taking control and accountability for your life and going for what you want to do.

This course is about sharing experiences, hearing other people's stories and collectively working to help each other to grow and build in a supportive and nurturing environment. This course offers a different perspective and most importantly space and time for you to focus on yourself your hopes and ambitions and how to manifest your dreams taking a creative approach and giving you practical tools to break down what you want to accomplish and how to start making it a reality.


We are providing this course because we feel that it is important to create space in your life to sit down and plan out what you want to do. To take the time to evaluate what is holding you back from manifesting the dreams & ambitions that you have always wanted. We also know from our own experiences how hard it is to take the time out of busy lives to work on yourself and also how hard it is to work in isolation. This course will provide you with some much needed time and space to focus on yourself within a supportive shared environment of like-minded creative women.

We will provide :

  • A welcoming space and supportive environment
  • Refreshments
  • Workshop tools including: - Post It Notes, Paper, Pens & Notebooks, an organizational guide of resources and Womenfolk Manifestation Worksheets



Week 1 will be an introduction to the group, the 4 week course and highlighting our personal stories. We will be asking everyone what they hope to get out of the course, and tailor the 4 weeks to their desired outcomes.

We will be introducing ourselves, Esther Mogada from Creating A Space & Christine James from Blick Studios who will be leading the course. We will share our stories and journeys within the creative industries. Discuss why we wanted to create this course, why we think it's important and what our intentions are going forward. We will ask the group to share their stories, why they wanted to do the course and what they hope to get out of it.

We will then move on to working collectively on establishing our personal values and ambitions.

Probably the most important part of this course as your personal values will dictate how you choose to live your life and your creative and business plans and ambitions. We will do this by asking questions like What is your dream lifestyle? What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What is your definition of success?What is important to you in life? what are your values? and what is your overall dream? to get you to really think about your own personal values and ambitions.

This is so important yet it can be so hard to create space and time in our busy lives to do and can be tough to do alone. So often we just keep going in the same direction, doing the same thing as we don't have time to think about it or work out what we really want to do and how to get there.



Week 2 we will be working on defining our ambitions, establishing our vision for the future and begin breaking down our big dream ambitions into realistic short, medium and long-term tangible goals and intentions. We will ask everyone to write everything down on post it notes, and to really get used to planning out projects and writing down goals and intentions.

We will talk about the romanticism of time and creativity, versus the reality of what that looks like. We will also cover how important it is to fail and experiment, and to learn how to normalise failure to incorporate it into your practices. To take away the stigma of failure and see it as a positive tool to learning and growth.



Week 3 we will be asking questions about what is holding you back, questioning what narratives are holding you back and how you can make steps to really claim who you are.

So often we hold ourselves back out of fear, or narratives that we tell ourselves without even realising that we are doing it. It will be a week of writing positive affirmations about ourselves.

Asking questions of what narrative we want to create, how do we put it in place and understand the person that we want to be.

We will be touching on how important it is to have people around you that believe in what you are doing, create a positive impact in your life and are able to celebrate you for standing in your truth. We will work on who these people are for you.



Week 4 the final week we will recap everyone's outcomes of what they have learnt, revisit everyone's values from week 1 and the vision, goals and intentions that they set on Week 2.

We will talk about themes of perfectionism, and how we can keep the systems and processes simple and just make a start.