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The Time is Now // Life After University

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About the Event

Creating A Space & Blick Shared Studios have teamed up to create an event that will be an interactive panel discussion.

The phrase The Time is Now came from noticing a change within Belfast within the creative scene. We love that everyone seems inspired to pursue their creative dreams. The Time is Now is turning into a platform where we gather together to encourage men and women to challenge themselves, be vulnerable in a space by sharing experiences within their industries and give an insight into the beginning stages of their career.

It is an ongoing project that focuses on creative people that are at the beginning and middle stages of their career, and creating a community of people that can share their stories and connect to other people that are going through the same thing. Often we see people in the media that have made it but never show the process of how they got there. We aim to create a platform where people can share authentic stories, speak on their process and encourage people that they are not alone.

In this panel talk, we are focusing on the experience of people that have recently left university or will shortly leave university. Breaking down what that looks like, sharing the trials and tribulations of how hard it can be and showing different cases of how people take on unpredicted routes from their chosen discipline.

This is open to everyone because we know that everyone can relate to the unpredicted opportunities that may take us away from the plan in our head. We will be asking about the process of how people got to where they are now in the starting & middle part of their journey.

If you feel that you need encouragement, or just to hear someone else saying that they don't know what they are doing, or life has taken them down a different planned path, this is the event for you.

We never come at an event saying that we know the answers, we simply step back and listen to people's stories and hope that it inspires someone to make a start to go for their dreams.

We will be covering themes like :

  • The Struggles you face after university / identity crisis
  • The pressure of finding a job and pressure of feeling you should know what you are doing
  • Dispelling the myth that everyone has their shit together
  • The pressures social media puts on you
  • Patience & the time it takes to make it
  • Consistency & Discipline
  • Being Kind to yourself in times of struggle

If you feel like you relate to these, or would like to hear people sharing these experiences, this is for you!

We hope to see you there and share these experiences with us.

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