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The Watershed
1 Canon's Rd, Bristol, BS1 5TX
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About the Event

WDC returns to for event number 12 on October 5th 2018

Started in 2007 WDC has always aimed to bring students together with industry professionals to aid in students getting work after University by giving them an idea of what is out there to do in the world of the web.


Jessica Rose - TBC

Awaiting overview

Michelle Barker -  Super Powered Layouts with CSS Grid + CSS Variables

CSS Grid Layout has completely transformed the way we build layouts on the web and has made things possible that were never possible before! If you haven’t yet taken the plunge I’ll provide an overview and demonstrate how CSS Grid can solve some of our trickier layout issues and help us construct complex components.

Vic Bell - Fake it till’ you break it

Awaiting overview

Tony Edwards - Beats, Rhymes & Unit Tests

Hip Hop and Unit Tests. A match made in heaven? Through a mix of audio, video and live performance, Tony will explore Web Audio in an attempt to convince the audience of its suitability for audio transcription. This is a fast-paced and highly engaging talk with a crescendo you won’t forget.

Duncan Porter - Web testing that doesn't suck

Make test driven development your default workflow, but this time without the pain, delivering more robust applications, faster

Dan Rubin - Being An Inter-Multi-Disciplinary Creative

Work, hobbies, books, interests, travel, films, music — our preferences make us who we are, but those aspects of our individuality are actually greater than the sum of their parts — if we know how to look at the connections and spaces between them.

Stevie Buckley & Scott Riley - Fireside Chat

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