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Creating a Sell-Out Event: Give a little, get a lot!

Want to create a sell-out event? Giving a little, can sometimes get you a lot.

In this series I will be sharing some useful tips for creating your event on Get Invited to help make it a sell out! In the last piece, I covered the different ticket options available, this week I want to focus on creating discount codes for your attendees.

Getting started…

To begin, first sign up for your free Get Invited account , or log in to your existing account and click ‘create an event’.

After you have entered in your event details, and ticket types, you have the option to provide discount codes. Discount codes are a great way to incentivise a purchase, reward attendees for early registration, or even use to test early interest in your event.

Here are 5 simple steps to set up a discount code for your attendees:

1) Create a discount code: This is the code that you’ll provide to your attendees to use when they order. This could be your event name, or a random compilation of letters/numbers. Spaces, apostrophes and non-alphanumeric characters (except ‘-‘, ‘_’, ‘@’ and ‘.’) are not allowed. Promotional codes are not case sensitive.

Note: You may not want to have a discount code that can be easily guessed, as it could attract purchases from customer segments whom you hadn’t intended on utilising it.

2) Set the discount amount: This is set as a percentage to be taken off of the full price of the ticket. (E.g. 25% of £175).

3) Apply to ticket: Here you can choose which tickets you want this to apply to e.g. standard tickets. You may not want to apply a code for tickets such as students, if they have already been discounted.

4) Promote your code: Email specific customer segments with the code, promote it on your social media, or print it on some invitations for special guests.

For higher paid events, you might want to create a competition (Facebook works well for this) to allow a set number of winners to receive the code. This will help generate some buzz around your event and improve your visibility online.

5) Monitor your performance: You can track the amount of discount codes being used easily in your admin area, to track the effectiveness of promotional efforts.

Creating these discount codes can be a great incentive for attendees to purchase tickets. It may be a small gesture, but giving that little bit of discount could get you a large return in ticket sales.

If you need any help or ideas for creating discount codes, we are always on hand here to assist with your event so drop us a line and we will do our best to help!

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse is an accomplished content creator and strategist known for her captivating work at, a premier online platform for event organization and engagement. With a degree in Communications and a minor in Creative Writing from Boston University, Blaise has spent the past six years carving out a niche for herself within the events industry, focusing on creating immersive and engaging content that not only draws attendees in but keeps them talking long after the event has ended.

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