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ESDC 2015 2-Day Balboa Workshop

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Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel Heathrow
140 Bath Road, London, UB3 5AW
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About the Event

This is the booking page for the Balboa workshops at European Swing Dance Championships 2015.

Workshop Title: 2-Day Balboa Workshop
£90 per person
Saturday 14:15-18:15 and Sunday 14:45-18:15
Level: Open to Intermediate and Advanced Balboa dancers

Before you book:

  • Check the schedule: some activities on the ESDC 2015 schedule overlap. Please read the event schedule carefully to make sure your chosen workshops and competitions do not clash. The schedule is a draft only and may change. If a change is made that causes a clash in your booking, we will offer to refund you.
  • Choose the right level: please read the Workshop FAQ for important information about levels and auditions. If you sign up for the wrong level, and it is disruptive to the other students to have you in class, you will be asked to leave.
  • Buy your Ballroom Pass: a workshop pass only gives you access to the classroom for that workshop. If you also want to attend the parties and watch/enter the contests, then you must also buy a Ballroom Pass. Ballroom Passes and competitor entry fees are extra and must be booked separately.
  • Find a friend to book with: registrations are currently open for couples only, to keep the leader-follower balance in this workshop. This is only for booking purposes, you will rotate partners like normal swing dance classes. You must register as a couple, with one leader and one follower. Registrations for individuals will be made available at a later date, but only if there are places free. We expect many workshops to sell out, so we recommend you find a partner to book with, to secure your place. Try posting on the ESDC Facebook group to find a partner!

Questions? Please read the FAQ first and if you still have a question, email

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