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How to relieve stress event stress

How to Relieve Event Stress

If your career in events consumes your every waking minute, that’s a sign of three things:

  1. You love your job.
  2. You’re 100% committed to making every event a huge success.
  3. Striking a balance between work and play will make you a stronger, more inspired event professional.

Take it in small steps.

We know that stepping away from the computer or tablet can be hard, so start by taking short, regular breaks. Five or 10 minutes to yourself won’t make any difference to the event, but will boost your concentration and energy levels.

Mark up your calendar.

No, not your work calendar, the other one. The one with lots of space for trips to the gym, family outings, date nights with your partner, and taking your kids out for a milkshake.

Decide when you will finish work (and then stick to it!).

Can you achieve everything you need to by 6pm? 8pm? Decide on a time when you will be on call or will be available to respond to emails. Then, set an out of office reply and voicemail greeting informing clients you’ll respond to them the next working day.

Get a hobby.

Whether you want to learn a new skill, rediscover an old hobby, read a book, or watch a DVD boxset, time spent immersing yourself in a different world is just what your brain needs to relax. As an added benefit, it may also afford you with a creative new perspective in planning your future events.

Cutting out caffeine will minimise stress.

Yes, your cuppa gives you a boost, but relying too much on caffeine to get through the day is counterproductive. The quick burst of energy will be followed by a crash. You can take another cup, but your body won’t thank you after a day of energy hits and crashes. Graze on food that slowly releases energy all day and you’ll be able to cope with the demands of the job.

What we’ve been looking at is changing your mindset. Hard work is good, but so is relaxing. Building time into your schedule for activities that allow you to switch off from event planning will ensure that you’ll be able to stay at the very top of your game.

Can you share any tips for staying stress-free when you’re in the middle of a huge event? Let the Get Invited community know on Twitter or in the Comments section below.

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse is an accomplished content creator and strategist known for her captivating work at, a premier online platform for event organization and engagement. With a degree in Communications and a minor in Creative Writing from Boston University, Blaise has spent the past six years carving out a niche for herself within the events industry, focusing on creating immersive and engaging content that not only draws attendees in but keeps them talking long after the event has ended.

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