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Marketing & GDPR - what you need to know

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Ormeau Baths Gallery
18 Ormeau Ave, Belfast, BT2 8HS
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About the Event

It's time to stop being scared about the effect GDPR will have on your marketing.

Yes, it might take a bit of time. Yes, it's new. But hey, so was Facebook and now look at you go. 

In this session, we (that's Rory Campbell and Jo Rourke) are going to do a double act and tell you how GDPR and marketing can co-exist peacefully. 

This is how it's going to go:

Key questions we're going to answer: 

Is GDPR the new Y2K?

Will GDPR cost you millions?

Is it really time-consuming?

Is it going to kill all your marketing efforts?

Action taking:

How to get started with compliance

Define your data flow and process

Retro compliance

Focus on marketing:

What GDPR means for your:

  • Contact pages
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Opt-ins
  • Social media
  • Your existing subscribers

Who are we?

Rory Campbell is a partner at Forde Campbell, a Belfast-based commercial law firm specialising in IT, tech law, and the internet, for tech companies and start ups. Jo Rourke is a content strategist, specialising in content creation and marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Together, they'll be your guide to GDPR-compliant marketing.

So join us on Thursday 22nd March at Ormeau Baths Gallery for a marketing-legal mash up on the hidden joy of GDPR. It's going to be awesome. (Rory may even wear a costume.)

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