Most publicly funded construction projects in Northern Ireland require the building contractor to be appointed under the NEC3 Construction Contract or its Short equivalent.

As client, or as an architect acting on behalf of a client, it is therefore highly beneficial to have an in depth understanding of the contractual commitments between the client and contractor under the NEC3 Construction Contract. Contractors are well versed in this regard and it is essential for the smooth operation of the project that the client and architect are equally well versed. This workshop is pitched at an advanced level for people with a solid understanding of the construction contracts.

NEC4 is now out and will also be covered in this workshop.  Whilst public sector clients in Northern Ireland will be moving to NEC4 this is not expected to happen for approximately 12 months.


  • understand the principal differences when preparing a contract
  • know how to assess the financial aspects of a tender
  • know the key procedures of the contract
  • become familiar and comfortable with using it
  • know its key implementation points


Session 1 Filling in the Contract Data Part 1, inc understanding the secondary options

Session 2 Understanding Defined Cost & the Schedule of Cost Components

Session 3 Evaluating Contract Data Part 2, inc Worked Example

Session 4 Communications under the NEC, inc exercise. Quick demo of a cloud based NEC3 contract admin system.

Session 5 Accepting the programme, inc exercise.

Session 6 ‘Is it a compensation event?’ Exercise.

Session 7 Compensation event process & timescales. Exercise.

Session 8 Rapid assessment & agreement of compensation events.

Session 9 Course Review

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at consultants and clients using the NEC3 Construction Contract. It is suitable for people who have either attended the Introductory course on the Construction Contract or have a good understanding of the Construction contract through use. The basic material covered on the  introductory course will not be repeated. The day will contain many worked examples for participants to do and discuss.


Dr Jon Broome is one of the UK’s leading consultants and trainers on the NEC. He completed a PhD on its effective operation. His contributions to the 2nd and 3rd editions are acknowledged in the contract. He has had numerous articles and papers, as well as the top selling ‘User’s Guide’ book published on the contract. John’s previous NEC3 training events with the RSUA have been rated as excellent by attendees.

No of places: Places are limited to 20 so early booking is advised.

As part of this series of NEC workshops we are also running an Introduction to the NEC3 Professional Services Contracts (25th Oct), a Masterclass on the Professional Services Contract(26th Oct) and an Introduction to the Construction Contracts (28th Sept). For course details please visit the RSUA website,

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