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Wake 2018: A Boutique Festival Curated by Peter Rollins

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The Black Box
18-22 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA
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About the Organiser

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About the Event

Located in the cultural heart of Belfast, N.Ireland, and spread over a variety of historical venues, Wake is a transgressive festival that mixes the best in incendiary theological exploration with underground art, music, magic, comedy, tours and tastings to forge an experience that embodies the destabilizing essence of pyrotheology.

This year join 99 other people from all across the world to explore the end of the world. Yes, this year the theme is Apocalypse.

Together we’ll unpack the dangers that arise as we confront an apocalypse in our personal, political or religious experience. More than this, we’ll carefully mine the potential that lies at the heart of such an earth shattering event. As always, we’ll look at how pyrotheology can respond to the issues of our day; helping us live into the chaos of life. For apocalypse doesn’t just mark the end of a world. It makes straight the paths for a new one.

This is a boutique festival that draws together misfits from all over the world, for five incredible days packed with reflection, entertainment and conversation This is a unique event where amazing people come to hang out, share lives, explore radical ideas and conspire together by open fires.

We're committed to keeping the festival intimate and so it always sells out. Book early to avoid disappointment.

We'll kick off with registration and pre-game drinks on Sunday 15th, easing into the programme with some fun fringe stuff on the Monday before the real meat of the event on Tuesday through Thursday. 

The price excludes food and accommodation, but we'll recommend a variety of options for both - from the very affordable, to the very luxurious.

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