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Wake: A Boutique Festival Curated by Peter Rollins

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The Black Box
18-22 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA
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About the Event

This will be the fourth year of Peter Rollins' boutique Belfast festival. Taking place in a variety of venues dotted throughout the cultural heart of the city, this festival brings together 50 people from all over the world, offering up a rich blend of ideas, music, film, art, alcohol and conversation. Set in Peter's hometown this is an amazing opportunity to learn about one of the most controversial theological projects in one of Europe's most famous and vibrant cities.

In addition to the socializing, drinking and conspiring together, there is a whole host of other things on offer, including a tour of C.S. Lewis' home and engagement with his legacy. We'll visit where he grew up, walk through the forest that inspired Narnia, and gather around a roaring fire in the Old Inn (one of Lewis' favorite spots, and the place he went on honeymoon) where we’ll engage in talks and discussions reminiscent of The Inklings.

Everything officially kicks off on Tuesday 26th, but there will be pre-event drinks on the 25th and a one day street festival on 30th.

Price excludes food and accommodation (but we'll recommend a variety of options for both - from the very affordable, to the very luxurious).

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