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Wake: Fringe Events

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Cathedral Quarter
, Belfast, BT12 2HB
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About the Event

Wake is a boutique festival run by the Belfast author Peter Rollins on 24th-26th April. It draws together people from all over the world, to spend fours days reflecting on the art of living into the death of our religious, political and cultural gods. It brings together the best in dissident intellectual exploration and combines with art, music, magic, comedy, and whisky.

The main event has sold out, but we're offering some tickets for our fringe program. Over three days we have music from Duke Special, comedy from Paul Currie, a movie premier, an interview with the philosopher Jeff Robbins, and much more.

A few of the events can be attended separately, check the links under the descriptions.

Monday 24th | 19.00 | First Church (Rosemary Street)

Witchcraft & Magic in Modern Ireland

Into the 20th century, across Ireland, ordinary people continued to believe in witchcraft and accuse each other of killing their cows, stealing their butter and milk by magical means, and, occasionally, of killing their loved ones. These accusations often led to assault, slander, and murder charges. This talk will look at this hidden part of Ireland’s history, to uncover the extent of witchcraft belief in a period when scientific advance was supposed to have killed off such superstitions. Andrew Sneddon will also talk about the continued use of ‘white’ witches and magical objects to ‘unwitch’ livestock and humans using written charms, herbs, spells, and incantations. Andrew is Lecturer in History at Ulster University and is the leading authority on the history of Irish witchcraft and magic.

Individual tickets on sale here

Monday 24th | 21:00 | Oh Yeah Centre


Based in Belfast, but famous for his unique shows all over the world, Paul is a bohemian clownarchist who is master of the absurd. Having appeared on BBC Three's Live at the Electric, he's gained a loyal fan base including some of the UK's most respected comedians, including Stewart Lee, Limmy, Tony Law and Tom Sade. This promises to be a strange and surreal experience where reason gives way to chaos. Stewart Lee called Paul Currie's show his favorite of the Comedy Fringe in Edinburgh, while the official Edinburgh Fringe Guide gave him 5 stars while describing him as "unique, outstandingly charismatic and utterly original".

Tuesday 25th | 18:45 | QFT

Far From the Tree, Directed by John Wright

We'll be debuting the brand new documentary by Belfast man John Wright, that revolves around Bart and Tony Campolo, in conversation about faith and doubt. After Thanksgiving dinner in 2013, the evangelist Tony Campolo was asked by his son Bart to sit down to talk. Bart, for decades a Christian leader in his own right, wanted to give his father some unsettling news: he no longer believed in God, and had embraced humanism. Just before Christmas 2014, Tony and Bart sat down together in front of the cameras for a dialogue about faith and the lack thereof, and how their perspectives on life differ now that they don’t believe the same things. This is a fascinating exploration of faith, difference and the search for connection beyond belief.

Individual tickets on sale here

Tuesday 25th | 21:00 | The Dark Horse

Jeff Robbins Interview

Despite all the art, music and drinking, Wake is first and foremost a festival of dangerous theological ideas. It's for this reason that we've invited Jeff Robbins. As Chair and Professor of Religion and Philosophy at LVC, and Fellow of the Westar Institute, Jeff is situated at the very forefront of academic debates concerning Radical Theology. But he's also an inspiring communicator who holds the Thomas Rhys Vickroy Award for Outstanding Teaching. Jeff has authored numerous works, and has just released, Radical Theology: A Vision for Change. A visionary text that traverses the landscape of radical theology and revolutionary thought.

Wedensday 26th | 19:30 | The Black Box

The Big Bap Cabaret with Duke Special

The final night of the Fringe plays host to the first ever Big Bap Cabaret the bigger, brasher and louder version of our month Half Bap Cabaret. Compere Graeme Watson will be introducing a variety of guests over the night, with our headliner being the one and only Duke Special.

Individual tickets on sale here

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