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Out for the count: The mathematics of voting & electoral systems

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The Crescent Arts Centre
2-4 University Road, Belfast, BT7 1NH
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About the Event

Democracy relies on fair and free elections, but how does the voting system affect the outcome? In Northern Ireland, most elections use the Single Transferable Vote system, but elsewhere across the UK and Ireland, different systems are used: the Additional Member system for the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd, the Alternative Vote for Irish presidential elections, and First-Past-The-Post for Westminster. But which is the fairest and/or most effective? In this hands-on workshop you will discover the maths behind electoral systems by counting paper ballots in a mock election. Come and see how different systems can return very different results!

This event is suitable for ages 16+.

This event will be delivered by Dr Andrew Potter, Staff Tutor in Maths and Physics at The Open University as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival.

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