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ultimate guide in sports events

The Ultimate Event Planning Guide for Sporting Events

Event planning for a sporting event can be a challenge, especially considering the huge array of factors that an event organizer needs to consider when putting on an occasion of any size.

From cycle races to charity boxing and football, this guide, courtesy of the experts at Start Fitness, will address concerns and problems that all event organizers face when putting on a sporting spectacle.

Health and Safety

This should be your first consideration, and you should keep it in mind throughout the event planning process. Without adequate health and safety best practice and a full risk assessment, your event simply won’t happen.

This is crucially important if you’re hosting a high-risk event such as a charity boxing match – bouts such as these need full medical examinations for those fighting, head guards for novice fighters and an ambulance on standby. An unsafe environment means an unsuccessful event, and this applies for any sporting clash, no matter if it’s a contact sport or not.

For an endurance event like a marathon or a cycle race, make sure there are adequate levels of water and shade available for competitors to refuel effectively. If your infrastructural oversights mean that athletes are unable to push themselves for a personal best, then your event won’t be a success and you’ll be risking your reputation for the future.

Start Your Event Planning Early

Health and safety is only one part of the planning process, and it all needs to start as early as possible. Booking your venue months in advance can mean a reduced price, and fewer headaches as the big day approaches.

Booking a VIP guest is another process that needs to be nailed down early, as celebrities often have very busy calendars. For example, if you have charity football match with a team of ‘legends’ on one side, you’ll need to sign them up as an absolute priority, as this is what’s going to draw people to your event. A lacklustre team is only going to disappoint those who have paid to watch – even if it’s all in aid of a charity!

This same principle can be applied to an event held on public roads. Road closures for a cycling sportive or a running race need to be booked in with the relevant local authority months in advance. While a charity match with some missing star names might not necessarily be a failure, a half-marathon with no roads to run it on would be an unmitigated disaster.

Outreach to Relevant Sponsors

In the world of sport, certain brands hold a lot of sway over the opinions of enthusiasts and athletes alike. Examples of brands achieving ‘cult’ status in a certain sector are numerous, a great example being iconic 1980s sportswear brands such as Adidas, Ellesse and Fila becoming synonymous with football culture.

Aligning your event with a sponsor of considerable cultural clout like this could transform it into a sporting spectacular.

Promote on Social Media

Creating a buzz around your sporting event through social media has become an absolute essential in this day and age. Putting a little money towards a Snapchat geofence at the stadium or arena can give your attendees’ photos and videos a subtle branding boost.

Making sure that people’s organic experiences are documented correctly on social media (possibly via an active Twitter account that retweets your attendees’ enthusiastic posts) can accurately gauge your event’s popularity, paving the way for it to become a more regular occurrence.

Sell Tickets on an Innovative Platform

Ticketing needs to be super-easy if you’re to attract your desired crowd. If you’re organising in a stadium, then utilising the existing infrastructure to sell your tickets is an obvious option, but it ignores some of the latest updates in ticketing. Utilising an innovative online platform allows for greater flexibility for both your attendees and yourself.

So, whether it’s cricket, a marathon or kayaking, we hope your event will be a success when these vital considerations are brought on board.

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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