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LWS 16 May 2016 - Accessibility Month #lwsA11y

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33, Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
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About the Event

General release tickets will go live on Wednesday 4th May at 1pm

“Developer's guide to accessibility mechanics" - by Léonie Watson @LeonieWatson

When you use semantic HTML, the browser handles a lot of things for you. It takes a subset of the DOM and creates an accessibility tree that can be queried using platform-accessibility APIs. It also provides keyboard and touch interaction when you need it.

However, there are times when semantic HTML isn’t used. JavaScript frameworks don’t always use the appropriate element for a task, opting instead to recreate standard elements using div and span elements. As developers, we also use div and span elements as the building blocks of custom widgets and increasingly as the primitives for web components.

Understanding accessibility mechanics is an important part of good interface design. Léonie Watson provides a developer’s guide to accessibility mechanics, explaining the relationship between code, the browser, and assistive technologies and demonstrating how to create accessible custom widgets with HTML, CSS, ARIA, and JavaScript. Léonie deep dives into HTML semantics, illustrating practical DOM scripting, ARIA, and CSS examples that developers can deploy in their code right now.

About Léonie

Léonie began using the internet in 1993, turned it into a web design career in 1997, and (despite losing her eyesight along the way) has been enjoying herself thoroughly ever since.

Léonie is a Senior Accessibility Engineer with The Paciello Group (TPG) and owner of LJWatson Consulting. Amongst other things she is co-chair of the W3C Web Platform Working Group, and a member of the ARIA and SVG working groups.

In her spare time Léonie blogs on, writes for Smashing magazine, and Net magazine. She also loves cooking, dancing and drinking tequila (although not necessarily in that order).

"Web building dyslexic a friendly" - by Seren Davies @ninjanails

1 in 10 people have some of dyslexia. In this talk Seren will discuss some design and development techniques that you can use to help them, and will benefit others users along the way too.

About Seren

Seren is studying Software Engineering at Oxford Brookes and is currently on her placement year at Incuna. In between studying and and slaying icon fonts she does the occasional bit of nail art.

"Accessible UX: Going beyond WCAG" - by Jon Gibbins @dotjay

Discover AUX design with Jon Gibbins, aka "dotjay", who will summarise how the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines relates to UX design, then go beyond the guidelines to where the standards are not enough. How do your content decisions affect people who are deaf, dyslexic, blind…? Come along and find out!

About Jon

Jon is Technical Director and Accessibility Consultant at Dig Inclusion, where he helps organisations to understand accessibility and deliver accessible products and services through training, testing and technical solution finding. A passionate advocate for accessible design since 2003, Jon is widely recognised for his work in the accessibility community.

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33 Holborn
London EC1N 2HT

Nearest tube station: Chancery Lane

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