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LWS 18 April 2016 - Animation Chats #lwsAniQuery

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33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
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About the Event

General release tickets will go live on Tuesday April 4 at 1pm

“Motion Design for the Web" - by Val Head @vlh

As frontend developers and designers we’ve never had to understand animation principles like we do now. Smart and sophisticated animation comes from thinking like a motion designer when adding animation and transitions to our web work. There is a wealth of existing of motion design knowledge we can put into practice while we design new UIs of the web!

In this session we will cover key animation principles like timing, offsets, secondary action, and others as they apply to web animation. Consider this your crash course into becoming a motion design pro! 

About Val

Val is a designer and web animation consultant with a talent for getting designers and developers alike excited about the power of animation. She is the author of The Pocket Guide to CSS Animations and the upcoming Designing Interface Animations.

She curates the UI Animation Newsletter, hosts the All The Right Moves screencast, and co-hosts the Motion and Meaning podcast. Val leads workshops at companies and conferences around the world on motion design for the web and loves every minute of it.

"Supporting Middle-Out in CSS" - by Chris Burnell @iamchrisburnell

We’re used to hearing about and involving ourselves in methodologies like "Mobile First" when we write CSS, and more specifically, Media Queries. While these methodologies help to keep our CSS consistent, sometimes we get so obsessed with following our pre-defined tracks that what we’re really trying to accomplish becomes muddled. So how can we write media queries that are both consistent and succinct?

About Chris

Chris is a Front-End Developer at City University London with a ravenous appetite for CSS, sated only by lean, mean, cascading... stylesheets. He tweets at @iamchrisburnell.

"Deploying your first Chatbot" - by Josh Somma @joshsomma

With text and chat based user interfaces becoming the latest big thing in UI design, we will take a look at some of the industry trends and walk through the steps to deploying a simple chatbot app.

About Josh

Josh Somma has worked in digital as a front end developer, project manager, dev team lead and currently as a product manager @squiz. Josh has worked on and launched many digital products mainly in the media and publishing space. He knows just enough coding to be dangerous.

Our Venue

33 Holborn 
London EC1N 2HT

Nearest tube station: Chancery Lane

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