Monday, January 25, 2016 at 6:30pm

Lightning talks

New year, old good habit: Lightning talks have been our January tradition, so here we are again!

"TCP and Mobile Networks Turbulent Relationship" by Natasha Rooney, @thisNatasha

"What happens after you hit send on an email" by Daniel Knell, @danielknell

"What is cognitive load theory and why should you care?" by Jo Pearce, @jdpearce

What is information overload (the magical number 7 plus or minus 2!) how it leads to cognitive load theory and how an understanding of that can help us avoid suffering it or imposing it on others!

"WebVR - Bringing Virtual Reality experience to Web" by Martin Jakl, @JaklMartin

Virtual Reality brings new experiences when browsing Web and watching content. The new VR devices (Head Mounted Displays - HMD) allow watching video services in 'virtual cinema' and can be used for general browsing as well. A few issues need to be resolved first, including navigating the web, and some features will have to be perfected: stereoscopic rendering for video, reprojection to avoid motion sickness, etc.

"SVG: The return" by David Corbacho, @dcorbacho

Introduction to SVG using its history as storyline. I will present how and why this web standard has made a return, after being created in 1999, and practically forgotten by the industry.

"Web Components explained" by Francesco Iovine, @franciov

Web components are an old concept and soon a new standard for the Open Web Platform. The W3C specifications are still evolving, but there are many libraries and toolkits around, even if designing a high-quality component is still hard to achieve.

"Private Browsing and Ad Blocking go Mainstream" by Dan Appelquist, @torgo

A kind of survey of the state of the art of private browsing and content / ad tracking blocking features, especially as they are on the rise on mobile devices, why you would want to use them and what’s coming next.

"Get your own mini-Heroku with Dokku", by Francesco Negri, @dhinus

Heroku has long been the go-to answer when you wanted to quickly deploy a prototype to a public-facing URL. What if there was an even easier way? I will create a Dokku instance in the cloud and deploy an example appli"cation in less than 5 minutes!

"The Art of Successful Web Design", by Michael R. Lorek @m_lorek

With a vast majority of websites failing, we will have a brief overview on breaking points and required ingredients leading to a successful online presence.

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