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Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis

LAUNCH Festival

“We're all about supporting startups at LAUNCH and we're thrilled to have Get Invited as partners. They've been exceptionally accommodating in working with our team to put on LAUNCH FESTIVAL 2015 - which will be the largest startup event in history with over 10,000 attendees!”

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Safely and securely sell tickets directly from your own website with our stylish widget. The entire booking process happens on your site, we don’t re-direct your customers to our site.

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Earn more money from your event by incentivising your attendees to sell tickets for you. Offer rewards, track who’s selling and who they’re selling to.

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You’ll receive your money every 7 days when using Stripe or every 60 days with PayPal.

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We charge a small commission on each ticket sale, so you only pay whenever you make money. Free events are always free!

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“After years of switching between ticketing system after ticketing system I was finally directed to Get Invited which did exactly what I needed it to do without having to do anything other than connecting it to my Stripe Account. I will be sticking with Get Invited for the foreseeable future.”

Alex Older


“At the beginning we were worried about changing ticketing system. With the advantage of hindsight, however, I can just say it's been the most perfect match for us: no superfluous tasks thanks to the clean user interface, straightforward buying process and perfect customer support. You guys rock!”

Rocco Curcio

From The Front

“I'm new to organising events. The last thing I want to worry about is the booking process. Get Invited takes the stress away from that side of things, and they communicate with me in a swift and human manner! I like them a lot.”

Ashley Baxter

Glasgow Photo Walk

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