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11 Reasons You Need to Use a Ticketing Platform for Your Charity Event

Online event registration platforms are the supercharged ultra-clever tools that turn good charity events into amazing charity events! They’re the secret that helps charity event organisers in the know achieve a lot in very little time. From collecting information about attendees, to promoting the event, and setting up tiered donations, they make it easier for you to sell more tickets and promote your cause.

To be honest, there are far more than just 11 reasons why you need to use an event registration platform to ticket your charity event! Here’s just a small selection of the ways that good ticketing software will make your events more successful.

  1. Manage your guests’ expectations with a well-designed, detailed registration page that clearly sets out all the information they require about the event.
  2. A thoughtfully designed ticket platform will give you flexibility when it comes to pricing structure. Show guests your charity cares and give them a more personalised experience with a range of differently priced ticket options.
  3. Your language might not be the same as your attendees’. At Get Invited we offer a wide – and ever expanding range – of languages so your guests can register without the assistance of Google Translate! (And we work with professionals to ensure the grammar and tone are everything you expect from a professional, reputable service.)
  4. Your ideal event registration platform will provide you with a great service, but not at the expense of making money! At Get Invited we pride ourselves on being fairly priced, allowing our event providers to make a profit. We only charge a small commission when you sell tickets. Free events are free! We like knowing that more of your money is going towards your important work.
  5. With more people than ever concerned about online fraud, it’s important to provide secure, safe payment options. A dedicated event registration platform provides this, seamlessly.
  6. A socially conscious event registration business will offer a discount for registered charities. (At Get Invited, we offer 50% off our service fees for all registered charities who use our platform.)
  7. Speedy, friendly resolution of any technical issues thanks to a dedicated team who always have an eye on Twitter!
  8. Make the huge queue to enter your charity event a thing of the past. On-site check in becomes speedy and hassle-free thanks to free mobile ticketing apps.
  9. Boost your green credentials (and make your guests happy) with paperless ticketing. All they need is a smartphone. Attendees can even add tickets to Passbook if they’re iOS users. QR codes and barcodes can be scanned using your own smartphone.
  10. Makes analytics simple with easy to understand charts and statistics.
  11. Get post-event marketing underway with a range of features that help you promote your next charity event. You should be able to follow up easily with former attendees using your MailChimp account. At Get Invited we have our online contact form . Message us for more information on how you can learn more about your attendees.

If you’ve been considering switching event registration providers, give Get Invited a go! With our range of features and committed team of experts, we make selling tickets for your charity event easy. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this interview with one of our customers.

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Blaise Perse

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