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Book Launch that Makes a Splash

How to Organise a Book Launch that Makes a Splash

As event organisers, we’re lucky enough to be part of some of the most important moments of our clients’ lives. When an author chooses you to organise their book launch, they’ve entrusted you to put together an event that celebrates the hours of work they have dedicated to their endeavours. So, it goes without saying that you want to do them proud!

The book launch might be a star-studded event of who’s who in the literary world, or promoting a new writer with a more modest fan base. You might even be an author launching your own recently published work. This guide will ensure you celebrate the achievement and the book is launched with a bang!

Great book launch locations

Libraries and bookshops love hosting book launches. If you’re promoting a book that appeals to a niche audience, target indie bookshops who cater to these readers. It also showing booksellers that the author can put on an entertaining performance.

Speak to other authors about venues they would recommend.

Community arts venues are another great place to hold a book launch, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience in putting on events. These spaces are home to a team of people who are usually more than happy to share advice (plus you’re one step closer to becoming part of the local arts scene).

Select a venue that’s related to the book. For example, if it’s a local history book, choose a church or a well known store that features in the book.

Wherever you choose, make sure it’s easily accessible for your attendees.

Attention-grabbing invites

Use an online ticketing platform like Get Invited. It’s cost effective, far more environmentally friendly, people won’t lose the invites, and there’s a host of clever features to help you encourage more attendees!

Consider carefully who you want to attend. We recommend:

  • The author’s friends and family
  • Thought leaders
  • Local groups who will enjoy reading the book e.g. schools, local history groups
  • Local press
  • Booksellers
  • Other authors who can help build the writer’s reputation
  • Publishers and editors

As well as ensuring you get the details right, sell the event to the invitees. Make them want to attend by highlighting the interesting things that are going to happen.

Send the book launch invites in plenty of time and follow up closer to the event. Get Invited can be connected to your MailChimp account, so this makes follow up mail a cinch!

It’s all about the extras

Ask yourself: “Why would someone want to attend this book launch?” After all, most people have hectic lives, with downtime being the thing that most of us crave in the evenings! You’ve got to put on an event that makes it worth them putting on their glad rags and venturing out of the house after a long day at work.

Create a media kit and send it out with the invites. If resources permit, hire someone to deal with the press, ensuring they have a copy of the book and a chance to speak to the author!

Having plenty of copies of the book is a given. Be generous and discount the book heavily to entice attendees to buy. There should be a variety of easy payment methods.

Plan to read once from your book and ask a member of the local amateur dramatic society to do another reading.

If you’re planning a children’s book launch and children are attending, make sure it’s an occasion they’ll enjoy. Face painting, crafts, and of course kid-friendly food!

Take plenty of pictures. If you’re an event organiser it’s always important to document events for future clients and your social media account. If you’re an author, you will want to tell your followers about what just happened. Be sure to do this immediately to maximise on the buzz the event will have created.

This is only the start…

A well planned, memorable book launch marks the author’s movement from  writer to salesperson. It’s the important first step to creating a lasting relationship with readers and building a reputation as a must-read author.

A successful book launch is one where people learn about the new book, buy copies, and make a connection with the author. And of course, it’s an occasion for people to get together to celebrate a huge achievement!

If you have any tips on hosting a book launch, share them with the Get Invited community below or on Twitter!

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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