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How to Organise a Diversity-First Fashion Fair

The fashion industry is renowned for being home to some of the most daring, offbeat and outrageously creative minds found anywhere in the business world – meaning fashion fair events offer a chance to embrace the glorious spectacle resulting from brands of all shapes and sizes coming together in the name of cutting-edge clothing.

For forward-thinking event organisers, diversity should be a given rather than a bonus – but to help you make sure you’ve got all bases covered, hijab and abaya retailer AbayaButh is breaking down a number of key ingredients for a vibrant, varied and progressive fashion fair that has diversity at its heart.

The cultural melting pot

To ensure a truly diverse fashion event, aim to provide a rich cultural tapestry that pays testament to all kinds of lifestyles, communities, religions and traditions. From bold counterculture offerings to modest Islamic womenswear, the options are virtually endless – and by sourcing an eclectic variety of brands and products, you can make a beautiful melting pot of your fashion fair.

Age is just a number

While millennials are undoubtedly an engaged, influential and, frankly, lucrative market, limiting your event to this one demographic will limit its potential appeal – especially considering the endless possibilities that come with organising an all-ages fashion fair. From chic and avant-garde kidswear ranges to clothes designed by and for daring and defiant baby boomers, taking age out of the equation when planning your event will serve you well. Diversity is all about leaving labels behind and, in that sense, this is one vital piece of the puzzle.

Embracing eco-friendly

Last but by no means least, an Earth-friendly event is an attendee-friendly event – as more and more consumers and brands are adopting the belief that sustainable products should simply be the standard – and inviting an environmentally conscious designer ensemble to your event will see that the eco-friendly box is well and truly checked. From fair trade goods to vintage clothing lines and recycled fashion ranges, you can cover this final, crucial base by packing your diversity-first event with a suite of sustainably-minded designers.

Fashion is all about finding beautiful things that allow us to express our unique identities – and there’s nothing more beautiful than promising equal representation to retailers and shoppers of all tastes, backgrounds and demographics. With this guide by your side, you can pull off an unforgettable fashion fair that places diversity above all else.

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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