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Live Twitter Feeds and your Event

Live Twitter Feeds and Your Event

Social media is all about the here and now. When it comes to keeping people updated about your event, live Twitter feeds are a great way to generate interest in the event itself. Here’s how to live-tweet yourself (while accomplishing a million other tasks in true event prof style!) and encourage your attendees to tweet too.

Create Your Own Catchy Hashtag on Twitter

Don’t make it too long; no one will remember it (or they’ll have no characters remaining to include it after their own tweet!). Use this hashtag on Twitter consistently before the event to cement it in attendees’ minds. Also, consider promoting it during the event—feature it on screens, name badges, and leaflets.

Let Attendees Know What’s Happening

Set up a screen with live tweets. Why not offer a prize for the tweet that encourages the most engagement? You can also use the screen to promote forthcoming events, and prizes offered by exhibitors, to increase awareness of your business’s chosen charity, or to thank your sponsors.

Don’t Be Shy

Get the conversation started yourself using Twitter. Here’s a suggestion:

“Jess Smith is about to get on stage. Looking forward to her thoughts on #socialmedia and #economy! #SMB2016”

Get Talking on Twitter

This is where your team will step in. Brief them that they should have a conversation on Twitter about something that’s happening at the event. It needs to be inclusive, so other attendees or social media followers can chime in. Why not try:

Colleague 1: “It’s really buzzing at #FFest2016. The cronut guys are almost sold out! #savesomeforme”

Colleague 2: “So many great ideas for vegans at #FFest2016. I might have indulged in a cronut or 3 too… #gettherefast”

Colleague 1: “Any other recommendations? @SaltnVinegar have been a revelation to me! #FFest2016”

Selfies Are Important

Selfies encourage engagement, whatever your target demographic. If you have a well-known keynote speaker, it will be easy to encourage delegates to post their selfies on Twitter. Why not offer a small prize for the funniest selfie? Or a selfie with their favorite exhibitor? You can also use selfies as an icebreaker; attendees can post photos of themselves with people they met at the event.

One Tip You Won’t Want To Miss

In terms of encouraging ongoing rapport with your attendees and potential customers, live tweeting is definitely worth exploring. Here’s another tip: your attendees can also use social media to sell tickets for you through Get Invited. Learn more today!

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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