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Star Wars event signage

Six Types of Event Signage Used During The Star Wars Premiere

Every event planner knows that when it comes to organizing an event, there are multiple moving parts. Depending on the type of your event, you have to arrange accommodations, security, special needs requirements, catering, transportation, and event signage.

Within each of these, they have their own set of challenges. For example, when it comes to event signage there are questions such as:

• Which signage do you choose to brand your event environment? • Which signage material do you choose for your walls and carpets? • What do you search on Google?

• Can the signage be used outdoors?

Then there are other non-signage related questions such as:

• What do you look for in a signage company? • Are they reliable? • Can they deliver your signage on time for the event? • Do they provide installation? • Do you have a graphic designer to design your signage?

• Can the signage company accurately match your colours to the ones in your design?

In this post, we will focus on six types of signage used during the Star Wars premiere. This will give you a very good idea of the types of signage you can use for your next event.

Media Walls

Source: Phil McCarten/UPI

Every event should have a media wall. A media wall becomes especially important when you have sponsors involved. You want to put your sponsors in the spotlight and build awareness for their brand. This will encourage them to keep sponsoring your future events.

Media walls come in all sizes and the size will be determined by the frame of the media wall. For example, the most common type is the pop up display. The reason why it is called the pop up display is because of its pop up frame. It literally pops up and your wall is ready. The maximum size for a pop up display is 4.5m wide and 2.25m high.

If you need something bigger like the one in the photo above then a TRIGA wall will be your best bet. A TRIGA wall allows you to have a wall as long as the Great Wall of China. How this works is the TRIGA wall allows you to join walls seamlessly together almost like LEGO blocks.

Crowd Control Banners

Source: KPCC

Crowd control banners (CCBs) are common in sporting events and red carpet events. Most event planners leave this out in their event branding. This is a huge missed opportunity as CCBs occupies one of the largest space in your event. On top of that, no one likes looking at a bare crowd control barricade.

Crowd control banners are generally printed on a mesh material. The mesh material allows the barricade to be used outdoors because it is wind-proof. If you are going to use a rigid board such as a corflute sign, a gust of wind may cause the barricade to collapse.

Corflute Event Signage

Corflute signage is one of the most common signage not only in events but for other occasions as well. This is because it is affordable, versatile and can be used in both indoors and outdoors.

Its versatility allows it to be mounted onto a wall, hung on a ceiling or placed freestanding on the ground.

Another advantage is it is environmentally friendly and can be recycled after the event. This is helpful if you need to meet certain sustainability criteria for your event or for the company.

Digital Event Signage

Digital signage has been growing in popularity especially in retail. Some events are starting to use digital signage. However, it isn’t as mainstream as your traditional signage yet because of its costs.

For example, a 5m x 2m fabric banner will cost you less than $500. A digital signage at the same size will cost you at least $5,000. This excludes all the on-going maintenance costs, electricity costs and software costs.

Mesh Banners

Have a large wall that you need to cover? Mesh banners will be your best bet. The reason is that mesh is a light material and has reduced wind loading.

It is also easy to transport because it packs down easily which will save you on your freight costs. This is also another popular choice if you want banners to be hung on your ceiling.

Floor Graphics

Source: Fortune

Floor graphic is a signage that is rarely used at events because event planners don’t know they exist. These can be used to cover a wide variety of surfaces such as carpets, road and floorboards.

One very important thing that you have to look for when selecting a floor graphic supplier is whether it comes with a non-slip finish. You don’t want your guests slipping and injuring themselves during your event.

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