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Secret to organizing exclusive events

The Secret to Organising an Exclusive Event

Nothing makes people want to attend an event more than telling them that it’s exclusive! For starters, there’s the promise that the event will be extravagant and luxurious beyond their wildest dreams. And there’s also the added incentive to purchase tickets ASAP as numbers are limited. Read on to see how to plan, promote and host a must-attend VIP event.  Scratch that – THE must-attend VIP event.

Planning an exclusive event

If there’s one word you have to hold in your head while planning an exclusive event, it’s ‘luxury’. No cost-cutting allowed! If you’re going to charge a premium price, your attendees will want the best. Work with high-end caterers, ensure the venue is top spec, and lay on top-notch entertainment.

If there’s going to be a well-known keynote speaker, negotiate some time for guests to chat with them. Perhaps they could join attendees for the coffee break after their session.

Your swag bag has to be out of this world! Work with your event sponsors and exhibitors to come up with some ideas that will get your attendees talking.

Provide complimentary branded items such as bottled water, good quality paper (not everyone will want to take notes on their laptop or tablet), and pens.

Work out how you’re going to define success. ROI and PR can be difficult to calculate when it comes to events. If there’s a significant outlay when it comes to your own expenses, you need to be sure everything you’re planning is worth it.

Promoting a must-attend event

Create special access codes that will work for a very limited time frame. Promote the concept heavily on social media, share them at the appointed time, and wait for the ticket sales to roll in!

If ticket sales are not as you hoped, it could be due to cost. Work out an attractive discount that would still allow you to make a profit, and create a few discount codes. Share this for a limited time with your social media followers (and be sure to emphasise that it’s a short term offer).

The chances are, your exhibitors will have invested a substantial sum of money in this event too. It’s in their interests to also promote it. Come up with a strategy that allows you to work together to cover all the bases and let people know how special this event is going to be.

Team up with a charity that’s appropriate for your event. For example, if your event is food-related, select a charity that can benefit in some way. Not only will you get that warm glow that comes from helping others, the charity will also work to promote your event.

On the big day

Get your glad rags on so you can greet your guests looking and feeling your best. It’s more important than ever when hosting an exclusive event to give the impression that you’re calm, collected and in absolute control.

If something goes wrong, deal with it calmly and efficiently. If the issue’s going to take a while to resolve, your first priority is to ensure your guests aren’t inconvenienced. An genuine apology and free food and drink go a long way to making an unforeseen situation better!

Particularly if numbers are going to be big, get help. Hire a small team to ensure everything flows smoothly.

A special occasion

Your exclusive event must help your attendees feel special. Going that extra mile – whether it’s the snacks you provide, or the assistance you provide to a guest whose taxi hasn’t arrived – could be all it takes to turn a great event into a truly memorable occasion. A successful exclusive event will make your company a real talking point and really get your brand out there!

If you have any tips on organising an exclusive event, we’d love to hear them! Get in contact below or on Twitter!

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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