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Recipes for food and drinks festival

Your Recipe for a Successful Food and Drink Festival

As a nation of food lovers, the UK offers a fabulous year-round selection of food and drink festivals, serving up tasty treats to satisfy all kinds of appetites. But the secret to pulling off an unforgettable food and drink focused event that will leave your audience ready for seconds is this: simply securing a great venue and great products isn’t enough.

In today’s post, we’ll be serving up some expert tips for hungry event organisers in search of the perfect recipe for a successful food and drink festival.

Offer free samples to make mouths water

If you’re looking to attract attendees and impress them before and during the event, nothing works better than offering up a selection of mouth-watering free samples to try on the day. During the planning stages of your event, encourage exhibitors to bring along plenty of free samples of their best products.

With the incentive of scrumptious free samples attendees won’t be able to resist, you can increase your chances of seeing exciting engagement on social media and offer exhibitors even more opportunities to enjoy online coverage that illustrates the quality of their products.

Remember that variety is the spice of life

To attract as many people to your event as possible, consider serving up a delectable exhibitor buffet that foodies won’t be able to resist. Whether you’re hosting a broad food and drink event or honing in on a particular segment, it’s crucial to invite a diverse selection of exhibitors and products to cater for a wider audience. From eco-friendly Nespresso capsules and edible nibbles to the latest kitchen gadgets, guaranteeing a wide variety of products and exhibitors will ensure that all boxes are very much ticked.

Invest in irresistible branding

Powerful branding plays a key part in any event marketing strategy but, when it comes to the food and drink sector, it’s vital to incorporate plenty of striking visual imagery into your marketing approach.

Beyond an eye-catching logo and compelling strapline, you should also be making use of irresistible imagery in your promotional materials – showing off enviable products available on the day to whet appetites in advance of the event.

Get social with foodies

With social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat primed for visual teasers and videos, it’s essential to get social with food and drink aficionados. Whether you’re giving attendees a sneaky peek at the festival setup days before the event or announcing exciting exhibitors and competitions in the months and weeks leading up to the big day, finding the most effective platform to speak to your audience is key.

Wherever your attendees are hanging out online, make sure you stuff your social accounts full of food and drink images and videos that will make their stomachs rumble in anticipation!

Provide freebies packed with flavour

In addition to free samples brought along by exhibitors, why not look at others low-cost ways you can give attendees some tasty freebies, such as exchanging food and drink products for some professional social media promotion?

Think outside the box with online promo by offering an engaging way to sample products, snap the moment and share it online. An onsite photo booth is a great tool for creating a visual and virtual buzz at the event, generating interaction with attendees and encouraging them to promote your event through their social media channels.

Get a taste for the seasons

While food and drink festivals can take place throughout the year, some may be affected by seasonal factors such as weather or specific holidays. When planning a food and drink focused event, make sure you take any season-appropriate measures that will enhance the experience. From cooling things down in the summer with ice-creams and refreshing fruit juices to making the most of winter with warming coffee and mulled wine, the seasonal elements can make a real difference in the taste and feel of an event.

Promote inclusivity with a varied diet

If you want to guarantee your food and drink fair appeals to the widest possible audience, don’t forget to cater for individuals with specific dietary tastes or requirements. From vegetarian and vegan options to gluten-free and eco-friendly edibles, promoting inclusivity with a broad selection of exhibitors and products will satisfying attendees’ appetites regardless of their personal preferences.

With this tried and tested formula for food and drink events, you’re sure to have the recipe for success at your next festival – leaving attendees hungry for more.

Blaise Perse

Blaise Perse

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